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Conference Round-Up 2

Tuesday 07 January 2014

Amani Mahbub submitted her first paper and two posters at 4th International Congress on Leukaemia Lymphoma Myeloma on 22-25 May 2013 Istanbul, Turkey. Amani's posters are entitled 'quercetin and emodin synergistically enhance chemotherapy activity in human lymphoid and myeloid leukaemia cell lines' and 'Anti-proliferative and Pro-apoptotic Effects of Polyphenols on Human Myeloid and Lymphoid Leukaemia'

Hanan Bokhamada presented a poster at the European Congress on Obesity in Liverpool (ECO 2013) on May 12-15th. The abstract was entitled 'The effect of testosterone replacement therapy on serum pro- and anti-inflammatory biomarkers and apolipoprotein levels in hypogonadal men with diabetes'

Dr Kim Lawson gave a plenary lecture at the FibCon 2013 (4th National Fibromyalgia Conference; 26th-29th April 2013), in his capacity as Patron of the charity 'Folly Pogs Fibromyalgia Research UK' who organised the event.

Robert Bradshaw has been selected to give two oral presentations at the British Mass Spectrometry Society meeting on Sept 9th 2013 and at Forensic Horizons in September 2013 on the analysis of fingermarks by MALDI MSI

On June 9-15 Dr Simona Francese gave a talk in Israel at the International Fingermark Research Group Meeting 2013 (This was an exclusive event with only 25 people invited worldwide). Simona's talk was: Beyond the ridge pattern, multi-informative analysis of fingermarks by MALDI MSI".

Simona also delivered a keynote talk in Bologna 30 Jun-3 July at the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Conferences under the auspices of the Italian Chemical Society entitled 'MALDI MSI a powerful tool in pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis'.

The Musculoskeletal group have submitted 6 abstracts for the Combined Orthopaedic Research Society conference to be held in Venice in October 2016, and all 6 abstracts have been accepted, with three including Christine Le Maitre, Sara Dunn and Abbie Binch receiving oral presentations for their work.

Professor Tom Smith is giving a talk entitled 'Engineering catalytic precision into a promiscuous oxygenase' at Biotrans 2013, the European bi-annual conference on biocatalysis, to be held in Manchester 21-25 July. The work to be presented results from BBSRC and BMRC funded projects performed in the BMRC by Malcolm Lock and Tim Nichol to increase the precision with which the enzyme soluble methane monooxygenase can be used to oxygenate aromatic compounds for eventual use in environmentally friendly synthesis of fine chemicals. The conference runs every two years to an audience of roughly 1000 delegates.

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