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National Science and Engineering Week 2014

Monday 17 February 2014

The Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering was a great success last year, which we are building upon in 2014. This year, National Science and Engineering Week in South Yorkshire will have a greatly enhanced programme for schools with over 200 talks offered. Many of the speakers going into schools are STEM Ambassadors which means that they are part of a national voluntary scheme through which scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians go into schools and colleges to encourage young people to consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Several BMRC researchers are giving talks during the event including

Marine-Derived Medicines & Other Tales of Drug Discovery from Nature

Dr Malcolm McCulloch and Dr Keith Miller

VENUE: Adsetts Lecture Theatre 6619, Sheffield Hallam University City Campus

DATE: Monday 17th March, 7.00pm

AUDIENCE: Adults, Children aged 12+

Many important medicines are derived from molecules that occur naturally. In the last century, numerous important life-saving drugs have been developed by using a scientific approach to understand the chemistry and biology of naturally-occurring molecules. Historically, most naturally-derived drugs have been developed from terrestrial-based plants and micro-organisms. In recent decades, however, scientists have begun to search non-traditional natural sources such as the oceans to discover new medicines. The oceans represent a vast, and largely untapped, potential source of new therapeutic drugs, as the oceans cover about 70% of the planet and represent 95% of the biosphere. This lecture will discuss the important role of natural products in modern drug discovery with a particular focus on (1) the exciting field of marine natural products and (2) drug discovery from animal venom.

To reserve a place contact Sandra Baker, 0114 225 3149 or email

A Chemist, a Biologist and a Pharmacist Walk into a Bar… What the Hydrogel Were They Thinking?

Dr Chris Sammon (MERI), Dr Christine Le Maitre (BMRC) and Dr Caroline Rodger (AstraZeneca)

VENUE: Adsetts Lecture Theatre 6619, Sheffield Hallam University City Campus

DATE: Wednesday 19th March, 2.00pm

AUDIENCE: Adults, children aged 10+

We’re living longer, so tackling degenerative conditions to enhance the quality of our lives is an aspirational challenge requiring multidisciplinary teams. Here, a biologist, a chemist and an industrial pharmaceutical scientist will describe some of the medical conditions we would like to address, and some of the tools we’re using to try to treat them. Expect some gory pictures, some gooey gels and more questions than answers, as we show how we’re using hydrogels containing stem cells to develop treatments for conditions such as degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis and chronic foot ulcers.

To reserve a place contact Sandra Baker, 0114 225 3149 or email

Explore: Science and Engineering @ SHU

VENUE: Pod C, The Hubs, Student Union, Sheffield Hallam University City Campus

DATE: Saturday 14th March, 1.00-4.00pm

AUDIENCE: Suitable for all

Sheffield Hallam University will be welcoming members of the public in to experience the work that we do across the sciences and engineering departments. The session will include a variety of hands-on activities, centred on the various research projects that we are engaged in.

Activities will range from forensic investigations, to robotics, to a mobile virtual reality kit.

The activities are appropriate for children and adults of all ages to enjoy and the event is free of charge.

Light refreshments will be available, and there is no need to book in advance.

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