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Microbiology services

We offer microbiological laboratory facilities and expertise in the following areas, led by Professor Tom Smith.

Microbial isolation

We have facilities for the isolation of bacterial and fungal species from a variety of sources, including food, water and environmental samples such as soil.

Microbial species identification

We have the facilities to identify unknown bacterial and fungal species, coupling traditional biochemical identification with DNA/RNA analysis and mass spectrometry.

Microbial survival studies

We have carried out several commercial projects to determine bacterial survival and colonisation in a variety of environments. Recent examples have included the testing of bacterial survival on resin coated surfaces, on new cleaning cloth products and in environmental samples.


We have particular expertise in the use of bacteria in the bioremediation of contaminated samples. We have recently carried out a project to determine the breakdown of long chain hydrocarbons in a waste product for a major international manufacturing company. We also have expertise in the use of heavy metal tolerant/resistant bacteria in the bioremediation of polluted sites.

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