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'Active Everyday making it easier for people affected by cancer in Sheffield to move more

Friday 01 May 2015

Active Everyday is an exciting physical activity project helping to support all people affect be cancer to be physically active.

More people are affected cancer than ever before with many experiencing long lasting effects of their disease and treatment, including fatigue, weight changes and depression.

Leading a physically active lifestyle has many benefits both physically and emotionally yet many people are unsure how to get started. 'This is where Macmillan Active Every Day comes in,' says Project Lead Lindsey Reece, Sheffield Hallam University. 'Active Everyday offers personalised advice from physical activity and cancer specialists , as well as training for health and social care professionals, so together people affected by cancer, can be empowered to become active and importantly stay active.'

A stakeholder event, bringing together health and social professionals, leisure providers, community organisations and cancer survivors from across the city, will take place this Thursday to celebrate the project and unite - committing to support Sheffield people to move more and be physically active.

Representatives from key partners Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield Move More will also be present.

Active Everyday is jointly funded by Macmillan Cancer Care and Sport England to promote the benefits of physical activity for cancer survivors. It is part of the region-wide Cancer Survivorship Programme across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire, which is working to ensure that people living with and beyond cancer are leading as healthy and active lives as possible. Macmillan Survivorship Partnership Programme Manager Hayley Williams said

'Projects such as Active Everyday are vital to support cancer survivors live the lives they choose after cancer. Thursday’s event will hear from people living with and beyond cancer. They will passionately say how Active Everyday’s work has encouraged and supported them to stay physically active and lead a healthier lifestyle. It is expected that close to 100 people from across the region will attend. The focus of day will be around people living with and beyond cancer. We will hear their cancer stories as they outline the work of Active Everyday in helping, supporting and encouraging them.'

Macmillan Cancer Support Programme Manager Hayley Williams said 'Active Everyday in an inspiring project that does some amazing work to support people living with and beyond cancer. At every stage it promotes a positive message for cancer patients. It is about keeping fit, making new friends and having a support network in place. Active Everyday is what the cancer survivorship programme is all about. It supports, empowers and encourages people living with and beyond cancer across the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area. I think Thursday will be an insightful and inspiring day.

Background information

1. Active Everyday is open to anyone affected by cancer who would like support to become more physically active. It is part of the Macmillan Cancer Care Survivorship Programme

2. Active Everyday is funded by Sport England and Macmillan Cancer Support. It is supported by a number of key partners including Sheffield University and Sheffield Move More.

3. Thursday’s event will begin at 10.30am and at approximately 4pm. All press and photographers are cordially invited to attend.

4. Tweets will be sent out on the day from @MACPRNorth and @active_everyday handles.

5. There are two million people living with or beyond cancer in the UK with the figure set to rise to four million by 2030. This number is increasing due to an ageing population, better treatments and earlier diagnosis through screening programmes - which means people are living for longer and the fact that fewer people are dying of cancer.

6. The presentations and speeches from speakers, including people living with and beyond cancer, will be available on request. They will also be available for interview or comment either during or after the event.

For further press information contact Michael Brooke, Communications Lead, Macmillan Cancer Support on Macmillan Survivorship Partnership Derbyshire Telephone 07850 775537 / Twitter @MacPRNorth

Further Information

Over a million people who look after a loved-one with cancer are potentially missing out on vital support and benefits, according to new research by Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you’re caring for someone with cancer and need information or support, call 0808 808 00 00 or visit

About Macmillan Cancer Support

When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. At Macmillan, we know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything and we’re here to support you through.

From help with money worries and advice about work, to someone who’ll listen if you just want to talk, we’ll be there. We are millions of supporters, professionals, volunteers, campaigners and people affected by cancer. Together we make sure there’s always someone here for you, to give you the support, energy and inspiration you need to help you feel like yourself again. We are all Macmillan.

No one should face cancer alone. Call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm) or visit

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