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CSES research gets national publicity in Greece

Thursday 01 October 2015

A recently-published, interventional research study led by Dr. Markos Klonizakis, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre of Sport and Exercise Science, undertaken in collaboration with University of Lincoln researchers, has received extended media coverage in Greece, with the country's news-media (including local and national newspapers, radio and TV stations and news websites) showing great interest on the study findings.

This should not be of any surprise, as the intervention was based on the Mediterranean Diet (which is based on olive oil, fruit, vegetables and salad, fish, legumes, wholegrain foods, wine and limited consumption of red meat), the basis of which is traditional Greek diet, where participants were asked to follow that in conjunction with a moderate-intensity, exercise programme. The study has shown that endothelial function in the "diet and exercise" group was significantly better than in the exercise one, 12 months following the end of the intervention. Reporters also point out to the findings of a sub-study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, and undertaken by the same group, exploring the barriers and facilitators for people consuming the diet in the U.K., which clearly show that the Mediterranean Diet can be followed, if adapted appropriately, even by a population with no exposure to the Mediterranean culinary traditions.

The original article published in Greek, can be accessed by clicking here. 

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