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Research study testing a new sleep training prototype

Wednesday 01 April 2015

Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University are working in partnership with BrainTrain2020, a ground-breaking cognitive science development company, to test a new product SleepCogni which aims to enhance sleep.

In the UK, to a third of people are thought to experience insomnia at some point each year. SleepCogni is a proprietary pioneering electronic sleep aid device which aims to help people wind down to a sleep-ready state using audio, visual and tactile stimuli. It uses personal bio-algorithmic data to drive the products responses, to help reduce the time taken to get to sleep and improving overall quality of sleep. It also measures the important environmental condition of the sleep area to provide a full picture of what may also be causing sleepless nights.

James Wilson Managing Director of BrainTrain2020 says:

"Our main drive is to kill the sleeping pill, 15.5Million were handed out by the NHS alone last year, they are highly addictive and have major health issues long-term. Our device works very differently to other sleep aids, we just don’t monitor and confirm you didn’t sleep well the previous night… we actually aim to help you fall to sleep with our device.

"We are collaborating with leading health & wellbeing academics at SHU to test our new product. We see this as an ongoing process and longer term partnership as we look into the science of sleep."

Dr Markos Klonizakis, Research Fellow and expert in sleep physiology, and Sue Kesterton, Exercise, Health & Wellbeing Researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, are leading the research study. Yorkshire Innovation Funding is sponsoring the project who provide funding for businesses to access University innovation and research expertise.

Participants aged 30-65 years are invited to volunteer for the research. This involves testing the sleep prototype for 7 nights at home and using a relaxation CD for 7 nights. Participants will be asked to completed questionnaires on their sleep habits before and after the study and to provide feedback on the SleepCogni product.

Participants will be offered a £25 Amazon voucher for taking part.

If you are interested in volunteering for the study, please email:, or, call 0114 225 5630 for more information.

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