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What do PhD students make? PRIZES!

Saturday 17 May 2014

The last month has seen a plethora of awards recognising CSES PhD students for their quality research efforts. Four awards have recently been won at National and International Conferences.

Dr. Liam Slack has won the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) PhD of the year award for 2014. This is a very prestigious award and is generally recognised within Sport Psychology circles to signify that the recipient has produced one of the best dissertations in the world in the discipline, for the year concerned. CSES PhD students have now won this award three times in the last ten years (Dr. Owen Thomas (2005) and Dr. Peter Olusoga (2012), being the previous winners from SHU).

Dr. Slack has also been awarded the ‘Young Researcher Prize’ for the abstract of his fourth study in the PhD to be presented at the AASP Annual Conference (Las Vegas, USA, October 2014).

Katie Ludlam has won a $750 travel grant for the same conference, being judged to have submitted one of the top 10 abstracts (from over 300 submitted) by junior researchers.

Finally, Joseph Stone also won the Young Investigator Oral Presentation Award at the Expertise and Skill Acquisition Network (ESAN) annual conference (Sheffield, April 2014).

Congratulations are due to them all for their outstanding achievements.

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