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The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was awarded with the commitment to 'encourage the whole population to be more physically active'.

The aim of London 2012 was therefore not just to deliver a successful sporting event but to act as a driver for lasting change in an attempt to leverage a participation culture post Games. The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) represents part of that commitment and holds a remit for promoting health and wellbeing at a population level through enhancing the UK's offer of Sport and Exercise Medicine. As such it has global reach and impact.

Sheffield is one of three founding partners (along with East Midlands and London) of the NCSEM and with particular expertise in physical activity and health, Sheffield stakeholders recognised the need to address the chronic burden of disease caused by a sedentary culture and identified the NCSEM as an excellent vehicle through which to do so.

The vision of the NCSEM is to create a culture of physical activity in Sheffield. We aim to do this using a ‘whole-systems’ approach combining; policy, environmental, community and individual level interventions and programmes of work. We also seek to extend the reach of sport and exercise medicine by the co-location of sport and exercise medicine specialists, allied health practitioners, researchers, clinicians and patients in an innovative and community focused hub and spoke capital facility model.

Ultimately, the NCSEM will contribute, through research and delivery programmes, to the ‘evidence-base’ and ‘economic-case’ for the role of physical activity in achieving good population health and treating long-term conditions and chronic disease.

Project team

Christina King

Dr Helen Crank

Professor Robert Copeland

Dr Stuart Flint

Professor Ian Maynard

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