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Case Studies

  • Testing goal-line technology

    Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Sports Engineering Research tested the accuracy of the goal line technology installations at every Premier League ground

  • ShuttleShox: Outdoor Badminton

    With the support of a range of funding sources CSER have developed a shuttle that is proven to be less wind affected than traditional designs during outdoor play

  • Speed with Guy Martin: Gravity Racer

    Sheffield Hallam's Centre for Sports Engineering Research helped Guy Martin build a gravity racer to to set the official world record for the fastest downhill speed

  • Speed with Guy Martin: Breaking a world record

    Guy Martin and CSER were tasked with designing an unpowered sledge capable of breaking the existing world record on snow set by Rolf Allerdissen in Germany

  • THOR

    Producing a bespoke tool for Hammer performance analysis for use in the indoor training area at the Loughborough HiPAC.

  • Trueness Meter - Golf Green Roughness Measurement

    The STRI consult with golf courses on the best ways to improve the quality of their golf greens. They are able to prescribe interventions which improve condition of greens making them play more predictably.

  • Cricket Bat Selection Tool

    The aim of this project was to help Gunn & Moore create an advanced cricket bat selection tool that would draw existing and new customers to their website.

  • Bringing PhD research in to business

    Professor Steve Haake, head of the Centre for Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, laid the ground for developing sports engineering as a field of academic study when he organised the subject’s first conference back in 1996.

  • UKSport Skeleton Bobsled

    CSER designed and constructed a series of equipment rigs and assessment tools for use by British Skeleton in the lead up to and during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games for use with the BLACKROC sled, used by Amy Williams to win gold.

  • Investigating the cricket bat pressing process

    Investigating and quantifying the performance of the GM blade pressing process on its cricket bats. Three specific tasks were undertaken, and we used 36 clefts of a similar willow grade.

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