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Case Studies

  • The smartfloor

    The smartfloor may be considered as a large-scale touch-screen computer interface with behaviour that is determined by application software running on a controlling computer. Custom games may be written, or existing games adapted relatively easily.

  • The use of depth cameras in biomechanics

    In this ongoing project we are exploring the use of depth cameras in several analysis contexts including body segment tracking, whole-body person tracking and three-dimensional scanning.

  • Field based gait retraining to reduce lower extremity loads in runners

    In this project, we developed a field-based system to measure tibial shock and provide biofeedback for gait retraining.

  • Functional Electrical Stimulation using array electrodes

    Developing a system for correction of foot-drop using FES capable of automatically finding good electrode sites.

  • Second Lives for the Third Age (SL3A)

    We surveyed a group of older people to explore what activities they would like to enact in a virtual world. We then prototyped an age appropriate garden environment in Second Life and piloted it with a small group of older users.

  • Sports Lab

    Sports Lab/Beautiful Games is an interactive exhibition that has stimulated debate and raised interest in sports science and engineering and reached an audience

  • Ping Golf Aerodynamics

    Using the latest computational techniques and modelling to provide understanding, insight, and recommendations, into the aerodynamic performance of PING Golf drivers

  • Arty Sporty Sciency Art

    Using the field of sport this project explored how mixing the languages of science and art can encourage greater public engagement in art and science

  • Extraordinary Moves

    Extraordinary Moves explored the ethical and moral questions surrounding the use of enhancement technologies and delved into the world of disability sport.

  • Institute of Physics schools lecture tour

    A series of 70 lectures throughout the UK at different schools, colleges and universities. The lecture explores the physics of different Olympic sports through live demonstrations and multimedia.

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