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Lead engineers Dr Simon Goodwill
Funded by GB Diving
Dates 01/05/2014 - 31/05/2014

The aim of this project was to develop a tool which enabled GB Diving to monitor the wellness of elite athletes on their funded development and podium programmes.

The main requirements were

  • iOS and Android app for athletes to enter their data
  • secure web database to store data
  • Microsoft Windows application for coaches to view athlete status and history


The elite athletes on the GB Diving programme train in various cities across the country. diveWell is a suite of applications used by GB Diving to monitor the health of their athletes wherever they are. The divers enter their current wellness status using a bespoke app written for iOS and Android devices. This data is stored in a secure web database. A range of alert criteria are defined on the server, and these alerts automatically send emails to relevant practitioners informing them of new injuries/illnesses, etc. that have been reported. Coaches can view the current state of their athletes using an iOS app, and can also view/export athlete history using the MS Windows application. 


diveWell has allowed effective monitoring and enhanced responsiveness across a non-centralised World Class programme. The speed of development, reactivity to user need and ongoing support have been the definition of World Class. Diving is, for the first time, able to quantify its team’s health and readiness in real-time. In addition, UK Sport has endorsed diveWell’s effectiveness in ongoing Mission 2016 review meetings. Thank you!

Adam Sotheran – Head of Science and Medicine, British Diving, 5th January 2015

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