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iBoxer v2

Lead investigator Dr Simon Goodwill
Funded by UK Sport and GB Boxing
Dates 01/07/2013 – 01/03/2014

iBoxer v1 was used by GB Boxing at London 2012 and helped them achieve 5 medals. The aim of iBoxer v2 was to build on this success, and develop a software tool which provided the boxers, athletes and practitioners a single portal for all their performance statistics.

The main requirements of iBoxer v2 were

  • to be able to store boxer’s data from a range of sources in a single database
  • to provide a simple, user-friendly interface that is suitable for both coaches and analysts
  • to run on a local network requiring no internet connection


iBoxer v2 is a bespoke software application that stores a range of data sets for GB Boxing. This includes tournament results, videos, attendance and training logs. It is installed on all coaches/practitioners laptops and runs as a standalone, offline application so that it can be used at remote locations where internet access is unavailable/unreliable. The data from each practitioner is synchronised via a central server to provide a single data store for information from different sources/practitioners.

The ability to have all data stored in a single location is invaluable to the analysts as it allows them to correlate metrics from different data sets, making it easier to track the performance of the boxer.

iBoxer v2 provides a user-friendly interface for the boxers and coaches, which has led to increased engagement of the system.


GB Boxers had a very successful Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (2014) winning 7 gold medals and 11 medals in total.

GB Boxing practitioners are in a position to share, store and visualise aspects of our work. This in turn enables crucial delivery to both coaches and athletes. Further to this the performance review component is the best use of its new features in its ability to provide reports to senior stake holders. The software brings together the wider team to make great use of each strand working together to benefit the development of boxers on the World Class Programme. It still serves as the most up to date library of potential opponents we know out there and is tapped in to on a daily basis for our ongoing preparation.

Rebecca Edginton, Senior Performance Analyst for Great Britain Boxing

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