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Lead investigators Dr Simon Goodwill
Funded by UK Sport
Amount £22,000
Dates 01/06/2009 – 31/12/2010


To develop a bespoke video analysis system for quantifying the performance of Starts and Turns in swimming.


SwimTrack is an underwater portable capture system, which incorporates three underwater cameras feeding directly into software running on the user’s laptop. The bespoke software features automated digitisation functions to track the position/velocity of a swimmer, and basic tagging to assess performance.

The system is a truly portable solution, with all cameras and capture cards running on batteries.


I did some filming of starts and turns with Kevin’s swimmers this morning and managed to get all three cameras working so that was good news. We were able to feed back during the session too and I think that it was good to have the above and below water images for them to look at.

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