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The smartfloor

Lead investigators Dr Ben Heller
Funded by Engineering for Life
Amount £10,000
Dates 01/07/2010 – 31/07/2011


To develop a wide-area force sensing floor with software for sports and health applications.

The smartfloor may be considered as a large-scale touch-screen computer interface with behaviour that is determined by application software running on a controlling computer. Custom games may be written, or existing games adapted relatively easily.

As well as motivating exercise, the computer is able to store performance information for review by clinical professionals.

Application areas include

  • improving balance and mobility for the elderly and others with balance or movement disorders
  • encouraging calorie-burning activity in obese children/adults
  • developing dynamic balance and decision making skills in elite sports
  • integrating kinaesthetic learning into the school curriculum (maths, literacy)
  • blurring the boundaries between traditionally separate art sectors such as dance, visual arts, music, computer gaming and sport
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