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ShuttleShox: Outdoor Badminton

Lead investigators Dr John Hart

Funded by

  • HEFCE Knowledge Exchange
  • Sport England Innovation Award
  • Sheffield Hallam Proof of Concept Development Fund
  • Badminton England

As a result of being set tough targets for increased participation, Badminton England decided to develop a quality outdoor version of the sport in order to reach a wider audience. The idea was that the game could be played in the same manner as the traditional game, without being overtly influenced by environmental conditions.

Currently no credible outdoor version of Badminton is available in the marketplace. Shuttles claiming to be suitable for use outdoors, are either simply rebranded indoor shuttles, or novelty products, both of which are wind affected preventing a quality game experience for the players. With the support of a range of funding sources CSER have developed a shuttle that is proven to be less wind affected than traditional designs during outdoor play. CSER have taken the shuttle from an initial concept through to a full strength fully functioning injection moulded prototype. Initial work was conducted to, review existing products, identify existing IP, and most importantly to analyse and understand the physical inflight behaviour of traditional shuttles. This was all used to inform the design process. Extensive experimental and computational analysis were used, including; high speed video analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis. However CSER in conjunction with Badminton England have gone beyond the shuttle and developed a whole outdoor game concept, including additional game equipment.

These products are anticipated to result in significant participation increases. This will also create a solution to the issue of limited indoor facilities which is one of the greatest challenges in growing the sport of badminton.

This work has resulted in IP in the form of a fully awarded patent. The work is protected by GB patent and is the subject of current European Patent application and application in specific territories.

Hart, J.H., Wood, S.G., and Hamilton, N. (2013) 'Shuttlecock' GB2492575B

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