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Institute of Physics schools lecture tour

Lead Investigators David James, Heather Driscoll and Leon Foster

Funded by The Institute of Physics

Amount £20,000

Dates 13th March 2012 - 12th December 2012


Deliver a series of 70 lectures throughout the UK at different schools, colleges and universities. The lecture explores the physics of different Olympic sports through live demonstrations and multimedia.

A film of the lecture recorded at the Royal Institution in London can be viewed here.


Promote student interest in physics through sports engineering examples and enrich curriculum teaching. Create a positive image of research and encourage students to take up A level physics.


A really worthwhile lecture and well enjoyed by pupils and staff alike

All Saints School

I really enjoyed the lecture and other teachers from other schools were very positive. The lecturers were very enthusiastic and the pupils were engaged at all times. Thank you very much.

Bolton School

Great demonstrations, friendly atmosphere and contextualisation of physics

Cynffig Comprehensive School

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