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Bowlers, cannon and associated equipment

We have a number of projectile-launching devices including

  • a customised bowler capable of launching a variety of ball sizes ranging from golf to cricket
  • jugs machine
  • football bowler
  • a shuttlecock launcher designed and manufactured in-house
  • a fully portable lightweight air cannon designed and prototyped in-house
  • light gates

Impact analysis and surface characterisation

We have a range of equipment for the analysis of impacts, allowing prediction of equipment performance and surface characterisation. This includes

  • a fully instrumented impact rig with a maximum drop height of two metres and a range of customisable hammers
  • a Clegg impact hammer for surface characterisation
  • playing surface rolling profile characterisation equipment
  • a high speed impact test chamber for use in conjunction with the bowlers and cannon

Motion capture

We also have a range of motion capture solutions, both camera and sensor based, including

  • two black and white Vision Research Phantom v4.3 cameras
  • one colour Vision Research Miro camera
  • two Prosilica GC655 90fps machine vision cameras
  • one 200fps machine vision camera
  • XSENS Xbus Kit, with five MTx motion tracking sensors
  • Polhemus Liberty 240/8 electromagnetic motion tracking system

Non-contact scanning solutions

We have a suite of scanning solutions enabling digital capture of detailed geometric information of solid objects and the human body, including a Metris ModelMaker D100 laser scanner and Cimcore precision measurement arm, a 3DMD body scanner, and a range of consumer depth camera scanning systems. These offer high precision reverse engineering, digitising and design analysis applications. We have scanning solutions suitable for use in sport, biomedical and industrial applications. Data can be supplied in raw captured formats or transformed into high quality high accuracy polygon and native CAD models using Geomagic Studio software. We can also provide detailed analysis of the scans to quantify human body morphology with our in-house developed software.

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