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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

We have specialist CFD simulation facilities for consultancy, research and education use, running the latest ANSYS Fluent software. This sophisticated analysis and powerful design tool can be used to aid understanding of fluid flow, heat transfer and associated phenomena. We have a suite of dedicated specialist workstations for pre and post-processing. Simulations can be run on our own dedicated CFD high performance computing cluster, a SGI Altix 8 node 64 core machine. Post-processing analysis is provided through the use of CEI Ensight specialist software for the visualisation of scientific data.

Finite element analysis (FEA)

We have specialist FEA facilities for research and educational use running ANSYS LS-Dyna software. This powerful structural analysis tool can be used to understand how objects deform on impact, structural strength and stress concentrations. We have a suite of dedicated specialist workstations for pre-processing, solving and post-processing FEA analysis. The finite element software is also available to our students in our computational teaching laboratories.

MATLAB and .NET programming

We have expertise in both MATLAB and .NET programming. MATLAB programming is used during many research and knowledge transfer activities such as

  • solving mathematical optimisation problems
  • simulating data for methodology and ideas testing
  • developing image and signal processing solutions
  • teaching MSc Sports Engineering

.Net programming skills allow us to develop software for end users such as sporting governing bodies, sports equipment manufacturers and Olympic teams. The software often interfaces with hardware such as cameras and sensors. A typical full system will be capable of automated video capture and performance analysis, as specified by the end user.

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