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Any available vacancies will be listed below.

Visiting researchers

We frequently welcome visiting researchers from around the world for extended placements at the centre. Placement opportunities are typically identified when the research interests of the visiting individual are closely aligned to the active research interests of the centre. Visiting researchers work with us on collaborate projects with an aim to achieve research outputs. If you are interested please email

 Dates  Name  Home institution  Project
December 2018 Professor David James Labosport Ltd  
September 2018 Daniel Matthias Haid Chemnitz University of Technology  
August 2018 Prof. Ahmad Arshi Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran.  
April 2018 James Spurr International Tennis Federation  
April 2018 Gary Owen GB Taekwondo  
October 2017 Ben Strafford Sheffield Hallam University Examining skill acquisition in sport using an ecological dynamics framework
October 2017 Paul Lückemann TU Chemnitz Detecting swing biomechanics using inertial sensors
September-December 2017 Alba Práxedes Pizarro University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain Effects of a 13-week training intervention on youth footballers’ performance using principles of Nonlinear Pedagogy
September 2017–January 2018 Yannick Hubens Zuyd University The application of inertial measurements in sport
May 2017–June 2017 Maria Baumgart University in Cologne 3D imaging systems to create morphological parametric models
February 2017–March 2017 Brice Guignard University of Rouen, France Characterized the arm-to-leg coordination as a function of constraints manipulation (environmental and task constraints) Investigate the upper limb coordination over a wide range of swimming velocities for expert swimmers
October 2016–current Pawel van der Steen University of Groningen Effects of a twelve-week Parkour intervention on athletic behaviours in youth soccer players aged 6-12 yrs
October 2016–current Subhashis Basu Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Organisational factors and their relationships with workplace wellbeing programmes
The health and wellbeing of elite footballers
May 2016–July 2016 Josep Benitez University of Valencia Effect of a novel free-heel running shoe on muscle recruitment
April 2016–July 2016 Caroline Adam TU Munich Academic Think Tank – A knowledge exchange platform
April 2016–July 2016 Antonia Meissner TU Munich Academic Think Tank – A knowledge exchange platform
February 2016–June 2016 Danielle de Groot TU Delft Statistical modelling of large data sets in sport
August 2015–current Tom Allen Manchester Metropolitan University Supervision of Snowboarding wrist guards PhD
April 2015–August 2015 Davide Zampieri University of Padova Auxetic foams for impact protection in sport
January 2015–March 2015 Carla Sanchez Miguel Hernández University of Elche Understanding dynamic balance using the Smart Floor
November 2014–March 2015 Nicolò Martinello University of Trento, Italy Characterising auxetic foams for impact protection
August 2014–November 2014 Jonathan Shepard Griffith University, Australia Understanding auxetic foams
November 2012–November 2014 Dr Haz Hizan Malaysia Performance analysis in tennis

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