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Purdue University, USA

Dr Jeff Haddad - Biomechanics of reaching

Queensland University of Technology

Professor Keith Davids - Improving postural control

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Dr Martin Wildman - Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

Technical University Delft, NL

Dr Mathieu Gielen - Field Labs

Technical University Eindhoven, NL

Dr Mathilde Bekker - Field Labs

Texas State University

Professor Duane Knudson - Book chapter

University of Birmingham

Dr Martin Strangwood - Sports Engineering Journal

University of Edinburgh

Professor Ross Sanders - Video analysis in swimming

University of Portsmouth

Dr Joanna Scurr - Breast biomechanics

University of Salford

Professor David Howard - Functional electrical stimulation
Dr Laurence Kenney - Functional electrical stimulation

University of Sheffield

Dr Matt Carre - Hockey stick performance
Professor Tony Barker - Functional electrical stimulation
Professor Gail Mountain - Telemedicine
Professor Sue...

University of Southampton

Professor Stephen Turnock -Skeleton bobsled aerodynamics

University of Tennessee, USA

Dr Clare Milner - Biomechanics of running

University of Ulster

Professor Chris Nugent - Telemedicine
Professor Eric Wallace - Field Labs

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