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Research outputs

The following provide a few examples of work by the Centre for Voluntary Sector Research, especially projects involving collaboration between members of the Centre. Please see the details against each member of staff for more extensive details of publications.


Morgan, GG (2015). The End of Charity? (Valedictory Lecture delivered at Sheffield Hallam University, 9 December 2015).

Baker, L; Harris, M; Moran, R and Morgan, GG (2012). The impact of the public benefit requirement in the Charities Act 2006: perceptions, knowledge and experience Institute for Voluntary Action Research/Sheffield Hallam University CVSR published research report for the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Morgan, GG and Fletcher, NJ (2011). Public Benefit Reporting by Charities (PDF, 878KB). Published research report for the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Dayson, C (2010). Understanding Personalisation - Implications for local infrastructure (ESRC Third Sector Research Placement Study).

Coule, Tracey; Pearson, Sarah and Macmillan, Rob (2008) Valuing the Voluntary and Community Sector in Rotherham in 2008 (PDF, 410KB) - Published research report for Voluntary Action Rotherham (undertaken jointly by CRESR/CVSR).

Morgan, GG (2008). The Use of Receipts and Payments Accounts for Financial Reporting by Smaller Charities (PDF, 437KB) (Published research report for the Association of Charity Independent Examiners)

Morgan, GG (2008). The Spirit of Charity (PDF, 273KB) (Professorial lecture delivered at Sheffield Hallam University, 3 April 2008).

Coule, T and Morgan, GG (2008). Towards a Volunteering Strategy for Sheffield (PDF, 554KB) (Published research report for Sheffield First Partnership, commissioned by Voluntary Action Sheffield).

Webster, S; Leman, J, Morgan, GG and Tinklin, T (2007) Mapping of Funding Advisers Networks in England and Implications for a Funding Advice National Network (PDF, 984KB) (Published research report for the ChangeUp Finance Hub)

Morgan, GG. A Guide to the Charities Act 2006 for Grant-Making Trusts and Foundations in England and Wales (London: Association of Charitable Foundations, 2007)

Leman, J. Frontline Hopscotch - VCS engagement in delivering change for children and young people: a jumpy start or a step back? (Published Research Report for National Association of Voluntary and Community Action, 2007)

Morgan, GG - with Carter, P; Dahlberg, L; Fitch, T; Gordon, F; Leman, J; Stevens, A; Stringer, J. Analysis of Community Accountancy Services in England and Strategic Implications (PDF, 910KB) (Published Research Report for Finance Hub/Community Accountancy National Network, 2006)

Furbey, R; Dinham, A; Farnell, R, Finneron, D and Wilkinson, G. Faith as social capital: Connecting or dividing? (York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006)

Armstrong, H.W. and Wells, P. (2006), Evaluating the Governance of Structural Funds Programmes: the Case of Community Economic Development in South Yorkshire (European Planning Studies 14(6) pp. 855-876).

Macmillan, R, Batty, E; Hall, M; Jones, C Morgan, GG. Looking ahead... Visions of voluntary and community sector infrastructure in Leicester-Shire (for Leicester-Shire VCS Infrastructure Consortium and Leicester Shire Funders Panel, 2005)

Morgan, GG. Civic Engagement through Voluntary Involvement in Regulation of the Third Sector (Concepts of the Third Sector: The European Debate - Proceedings of the First European Conference of ISTR and EMES - CNAM, Paris, April 2005)

Dearden, AM; Hafeez, K; Morgan, GG and Slack, FE. Appraisal of options for a regional intelligence and research resource for the voluntary and community sector (Published Research Report for Yorkshire and Humber Regional Forum for Voluntary and Community Organisations, Sept 2004)

Northmore, S; Pearson, S; Morgan, GG. and Taylor, M. An Evaluation of the Community Fund's Grant-Making to Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Organisations (Published Research Report for the Community Fund, 2003)

Pearson S and Morgan, GG. The Role of Councils for Voluntary Service in the Social Inclusion Agenda (Published Research Report for National Association of Councils for Voluntary Service, 2001)

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