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A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

a practical guide to sustainable fashion

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A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion: Engaging with sustainable design strategies in fashion design

In A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion Dr Alison Gwilt foregrounds the relationship between life cycle thinking and sustainable design strategies in a new model for fashion design practice. Many fashion designers currently feel confused about how to bring sustainability into design practice, which is further compounded by a difficulty in knowing where to find help, assistance and guidance. Although a range of resources are available that discuss the issue of sustainability and fashion, it can be difficult for the fashion designer to know how to establish an approach that can be applied in the design studio.

The book proposes a new model for fashion design that engages with life cycle thinking, which when armed with this knowledge can empower the fashion designer to improve the environmental and ethical performance of a garment. Drawing on examples from both well-known fashion brands, companies, and innovative, emerging designers, the book explores a variety of ways in which designers can bring sustainability into the fashion design process, from focusing on designing garments for disassembly and recycling at the point of disposal, to garments that are developed to be energy efficient during the use phase.

While new approaches to designing and producing garments are presented, the book also challenges the fashion industry to move away from a system that relies solely on achieving economic success from the manufacture of products, to considering a model of practice that incorporates, for example, product service combinations including leasing, repair and alteration services, and take-back schemes.

Available in hardback, paperback, and eBook formats in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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For further information contact Dr Alison Gwilt.

Researchers involved

Dr Alison Gwilt - Reader in Fashion and Sustainability

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