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  5. Evening Lecture - The Fifty Shades Phenomenon with Dr Ruth Deller

Evening Lecture - The Fifty Shades Phenomenon with Dr Ruth Deller

Date: Tuesday 10 December 2013
Time: 05.00 PM to 07.00 PM
Venue: Adsetts 6620

The Fifty Shades series were the publishing sensation of 2012, outselling even JK Rowling.  Merchandise produced on the back of the books' success included sex toys, baby outfits, make-up and even a classical album, whilst the casting of the film, slated in for 2014, currently makes the entertainment news most days.  The books spawned numerous parodies, hundreds of news articles speculating on what they meant for women's sexuality, the state of publishing and the world of literature.  But why have they proved so popular?  Are they just badly written fan-fiction? And do all women really want a Christian Grey?  Ruth Deller, co-editor of December's special issue of Sexualities journal on the series, presents a discussion of research into the books, their readers and the culture surrounding them.

Part of an Evening Lectures Series by staff from the Media Arts and Communications Dept and C3RI Research Centre.

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