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Issue VII of E.R.O.S. Sharon Kivland invites you to the launch on 19 November

Date: Thursday 19 November 2015
Time: 12.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Venue: Ditto Gallery, 4 Benyon Road, London, N1

Event contact Sharon Kivland

Sharon Kivland, Reader in Fine Art and one of the Commissioning Editors for Eros Press, is celebrating the launch of Issue VII of E.R.O.S., 'The Interior'.  

This issue locks itself away behind closed doors. Its subject is the inner sanctum; the projection of the self onto the inside of the shell. The intimacy and egoism of the interior will be glimpsed through keyholes (both escutcheoned and surgical), invitations to cross thresholds, and burglaries. Contents and surfaces will be scrutinised; furniture and appliances will become animate; and the apertures through which we discern what is inside and outside will mirror and deceive. 

E.R.O.S. is the journal of Eros Press. It is published biannually, and dedicated to the subject of desire. It covers a wide range of fields, drawing together often disparate disciplines under the auspices of each issue's theme. Alongside newly commissioned work, E.R.O.S. contains excerpts, reproductions and reappraisals. Submissions are welcomed, and notice of forthcoming themes can be obtained upon request.

Further information on E.R.O.S. can be found here.

Parallel to the issue runs the exhibition The Interior, an artists' response to the theme made tangible. Laura Eldret, Luke Burton, Marlene Haring and Claire Bailey will present a variety of sculptural works that will transform Ditto into an indeterminate space, between domestic interior and gallery.The exhibition runs between 20.11.15 and 09.12.15

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