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'Open Design Now' Book Launch

Monday 13 June 2011

The new book, Open Design Now: why design cannot remain exclusive, was launched in Amsterdam.

As the website of the book explains: 'Design is undergoing a revolution. Technology is empowering more people to create and disseminate designs, and professionals and enthusiasts are using it to share their work with the world. Open design is changing everything from furniture to how designers make a living.'

Full details about this timely book, which covers all aspects of this emerging field of practice, can be found on the Premsela website here.

The launch was very well attended, and the editors and many of the authors were interviewed before the audience, explaining the various drivers behind the project. A number of machines producing open source designs were also on display, including an Ultimaker machine and a laser cutter, which was cutting paper necklaces made from the words of a quote from Paul Atkinson’s contribution to the book: 'The Cult of the Connoisseur has given way to the Cult of the Amateur – those who know themselves what is best for them'.

In the true spirit of openness, the book has been made available online under the Creative Commons Licence. Paul Atkinson’s chapter, 'Orchestral Manoeuvres in Design' was the first article to be openly accessible, and can be accessed at the book’s official website here.

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