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Current Research Degree Projects

ADRC Projects

Fine Art

  • Aboud, Maiada: 'Stigmata: Marks of Pain in Body Performance by Arab Female Artists'
  • Chou, Wen Li: 'The feminine sublime, sublimation and Media Art'
  • Davies, Harriet: 'Anxiety and Performativity in Collaboration'
  • Day, Michael: 'In Vivo (Solitude in the 'Age of Interruption': boredom, distraction and continuous partial attention'
  • Eccleshall, Bryan: 'Resisting Arrest: Doubting the Art Object through Visual Translation'
  • Finney, Louise: 'Working through Fragments: Fictionalising the Archive' 
  • Gent, Susannah: 'The uncanny in film, art and neuroscience. A practice-based study employing both science and humanities methodology with a focus on film production and theory.'
  • Harrington, Jerome: 'Process made visible - in and outside the object'
  • Herring, Jonathan: 'Exploring Ideology in the Image; the Politics and Affect of Consumer Space'
  • Hobson, Gillian: 'In Search of Space: Exploring the Dynamic Relation of Person and Place'
  • Murphy, Lisa: 'The Hospitality of Light'
  • O'Toole, MB: 'Beyond the Space of Painting and Poetry - Mallarmé and the Embodied Gesture'
  • Ray, Jo: 'The model as imaginative apparatus; re-imagining place'
  • Smith, Rachel: 'Drawing out Language: Destabilisation of Narrative Sense though Conceptual Writing'
  • Swallow, Julie: 'Activated, Amalgamated and Accessible: The Archive as Activity'
  • Taylor, Rachel: 'Heritage as process: An artist's adaptation of biographical narratives within museum collections using manual philosophy'


CCRC Projects

Communication, Media & Culture

Information Technology & Interactions

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