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Previous Research Degree Projects

ADRC Projects

Fine Art

  • Gonzalez, Laura: Make Me Yours: The Psychodynamics of Seduction Through Works of Art - (2011)
  • Santos, Miguel: Poetics of the Interface - Creating Works of Art that Engage in Self-Reflection - (2011)
  • Nisbett, Melissa: New Perspectives on Instrumentalism: Strategems, Subversion and the Case of Cultural Diplomacy - (2011)
  • Carr, Alison: How Do I look?: Viewing, Embodiment, Performance, Showgirls & Art Practice - (2013)
  • Holmes, Dale: Abstract Realism: Non-Anthropocentric Strategies for Constructing Non-Relational Artworks - (2013)
  • Hobson, Gillian: 'In Search of Space: Exploring the Dynamic Relation of Person and Place' - (2015)


  • Rahman, Rizal: Semantic Modelling of Digital Multimedia (SemDim) - (2010)
  • Hughes, Dawn: Development of a User-Informed Standard to Promote Inclusive Design Practice - (2011)
  • Kamat, Seri Rahayu: Understanding grip comfort during activities of daily living - (2011)
  • Ramakrishnan, Karthik: Cost benefit analysis of computer aided engineering implementation in bespoke engineering business - (2013)
  • Chen Yen-Fu: Creating Meaningful Bodily Expression in Virtual Worlds: Inquiring Methods for Designers - (2014)
  • Dolah, Mohd Shahrizal: 'How Many Designers Create Furniture that Allows Meaningful Place-Making in Modern Office' - (2014)
  • Dexter, Matthew: 'Open Design and Medical Products: An Open Medical Products Methodology' - (2014)
  • Craig, Claire: 'Photography in Care homes: Methods for a Revealing Practice' - (2014)
  • Ramli, Saiful: 'Investigating Participatory Design Methods for Collaborative Development of Surgical Tools' - (2014)

CCRC Projects

Communication, Media and Culture

Information Technology & Interactions

  • El Shetehy, Adham: E-Government Provision in Egypt: from Citizen Perception to Business Readiness - (2010)
  • Rahman, Fazilatur: Designing for Cultural Migration: Methods for Designer Confronted with Social Change - (2010)
  • Alqatawna, Jaf'ar: Towards a Holistic Framework for Secure Electronic Business: A Developing Country Context - (2010)
  • Alz'ubi, Khaild: Towards a Framework for Transforming Traditional Commerce to E-Business in Developing Countries - (2010)
  • Qteishat, Mazen: Evaluating stakeholders attitudes to ICT in the adoption of e-learning in Jordan - (2010)
  • Mourady, Ahmed: Open source e-learning application adoption: Medical colleges in a developing country - (2011)
  • Aniba, Naser: An investigation into factors of e-CRM influencing customer retention in Afriqyah Airways - (2011)
  • Launders, Ivan: The Transaction Graph for Semantic Enterprise Architectures - (2011)
  • Butler, Nicholas: Stay, switch or back - Evaluating IS/IT Sourcing Cycle - (2012)
  • Omar, Taib: Stochastic Modelling in Financial Markets: Case Study of the Nigerian Stock Market - (2012)
  • Salem, Mohamed: Data Mining Techniques and Breast Cancer Prediction: A Case Study of Libya - (2012)
  • Egwuatu, Uche: The Pedagogy and Practice of Real Estate Management in Nigeria: Entrepreneurial Perspectives - (2013)
  • Al-Ardawi, Ahmed: The Influence of Class Structure on Program Comprehension: An Empirical Study - (2013)
  • Wilson, Richard: Using Business Intelligence to Predict Student Behaviour carried out at Sheffield Hallam University - (2013)
  • Watmough, Martin: Discovering the Hidden Knowledge in Transaction Data through Formal Concept Analysis - (2013)
  • Zhang, Xiaohui: 'Exploring Human factors in Context Aware Services' - (2014)
  • Dogman, Aboagela: 'Development and Evaluation of Distributed Vision processing Algorithms in Multi-Robotic Systems' - (2014)
  • Lafferty, Hugh: 'Analysing Quizzes using a Census' - (2014)
  • Brain, Alun: 'Strategic Customer Relationship Marketing and Re-Intermediation Models in the Insurance Industry' - (2014)
  • Osman, Abdusslam: '3D Modelling using Partial Differential Equations (PDEs)' - (2014)
  • Islam, Nurul: 'Managing Online Presence in the E-Learning Environment' - (2015)
  • Nwagwu, Honour: 'Dealing with Inconsistent and Incomplete Data in a Semantic Technology Setting' - (2015)
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