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Abdurrahman Jalil

Phone 07440036724


I was a postgraduate student at University of Technology, Malaysia where I obtained my highest level of education which is MSc. in Computer Science. After having completed my study at 2003, I was working as a lecturer in Management and Science University teaching diploma and bachelor degree students for 5 years before I moved to Selangor International Islamic University College for 3 years in 2009. During my 8 years career, I had developed an interest in research activity particularly on mobile application where I got a small amount of grant from a government agency that provides free Android training, laptop and mobile devices.

To achieve more knowledge and skill in this research area, I had applied for a sponsorship from a government agency in my country to further study at PhD level and I had started looking for a place when succeeded. As I had found that Sheffield Hallam University had involved in a big European Union mobile learning project called MOBIlearn several years ago, I had contacted Dr. Martin Beer, a supervisor from C3RI to discuss my plan of study and I was lucky to be accepted after an interview.

Postgraduate students at Sheffield Hallam University benefit from full support provided by research centres. The support includes workshop, seminar, lectures and activities that develop and enhance the students' knowledge and skills to be good researchers. In addition, the supervisors and lecturers are knowledgeable and helpful in guiding the students on practices of research. This culture generates excellent research community and contributes to high quality of research environment and outcomes.

My passion in mobile application development has inspired me to be a researcher in this area. As the mobile technology is growing very fast, I love to commit in this area of research and teaching activities. I hope therefore to continue my career as a lecturer to pursue postdoctoral in effort to deepen my expertise in future.


Research Degree: Framing pedagogical requirements for mobile learning based on Task Model

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