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Ahmed Omar Bali

Phone 0114 225 4248


I completed my degree in Media Studies at the University of Sulamaniin Iraqi Kurdistan. During the second year of my course, I started working as news editor for my local newspaper and as a radio and TV presenter. I was promoted to a news and program manager when I entered my fourth and final year of undergraduate study. I then obtained my postgraduate qualification, in the same field, from the Institute of Arabic Research, League of Arab State, in Egypt.

Subsequently I worked as a lecturer assistant in political science at the University of Sulaimani, and at the Human Development University where I was teaching on Methodology, Media, Public Opinion and Public Relations. The academic experience I gained in teaching these subjects motivated me to apply for PhD research at Sheffield Hallam University, where I was offered a chance to research the area of Political Communication.

Currently, under the supervision of Dr Rinella Cere (Reader in Media and Cultural Studies), I am conducting research related to Political Communication, Young People and the Media in Kurdistan. I hope to complete my project by 2015.

I can now confidently say that I will be an asset in the Human Development University in Iraqi Kurdistan where I will be using the skills gained from Sheffield Hallam University to contribute as both a lecturer and a researcher.


Research Degree: Political Communication, Young people and the media in Kurdistan

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