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Gillian Hobson

Gillian Hobson

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Working across a range of different contexts and media, my training in Three Dimensional Design and extensive work with architectural space and sculpture has informed an ongoing exploration of light, space, sense, and subjectivity. Following my MA study at Sheffield Hallam University, my doctoral work explores the impacts of the digital realm on geography and location of the person, positing the idea of one person and one place in dynamic relation, to consider what is at stake in the spaces we occupy.

My research is concerned with the ways in which the intimate relation of person and place may be communicated, constructed, and, indeed, analysed through art–making. Works may be seen as ongoing enquiries surrounding the affective potentials of spatial experience, probing the physical and psychological dimensions at play in encounter through approaches that include three- dimensional works, craft practices, installation, photography, moving image, and sound.

Set in the slippery relation of the Heimlich and Unheimlich, livable and unlivable space, my research speculates on the hidden resonances at play in the experience of the everyday to question our evolving relation to the environments we inhabit. Ideas of natural time are set against ‘clock’ time, the physical alongside the digital, in an exploration of the inner and outer worlds of the subject. A contemplation of creativity and agency in the increasing time/space compression of the everyday, art works expose dialogues between person and place, sight and site, and are central to imagining how artistic approaches can slow down, re-orientate and redefine the ongoing relation of the person to his/her everyday spaces of occupation.

I have worked extensively in health care and educational environments to envision and co–design operative spaces of positivity, placing art–making at the center of a person and environment orientated practice. Lead Artist roles include projects with Lincolnshire NHS Foundation Trust and Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).

Recent projects include commissioned works for Tegel: Flights of Fancy, shown at Babylon Kino, Berlin and Site Gallery, Sheffield, and the research residency ‘Evaluating Public Art: Light Logic’ at Site Gallery Sheffield, part of the AHRC Knowledge Exchange in Design programme (KED).

Recent publications include

Candy, Linda and Samuel Ferguson (Eds.). (2014). Interactive Experience in the Digital Age: Evaluating New Art Practice. The Netherlands:Springer.
ISBN: 978-3-319-04509-2

Joseph-Lester, Jaspar and Susanne Prinz and Julie Westerman (Eds.). (2013). TEGEL: Speculations and Propositions. Berlin: The Green Box.
ISBN: 978-3-941644-59-5

Davies, Harriet and Bryan Eccleshall, Dale Holmes and Gillian Hobson (Eds.). (2010) MA Contemporary Fine Art Degree Show: ‘You are here’. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University Press.
ISBN: 978-0-9558665-6-2.

I am author of the publication Recovery commissioned by RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust, exploring creative strategies for recovering from enduring mental health problems, and am based at Ropewalk Studios, Lincolnshire.


Tegel: Flights of Fancy

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