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Kennedy Ehimwenma

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I previously studied a NCE in Physics and Chemistry at the College of Education, Benin City Nigeria, followed by a BSc Ed in Computer Science at the University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria. I came to the UK to study my Master's in Information Communication Technology and Education at the University of Leeds. Following completion, I came to Sheffield Hallam University to study for my PhD.

My career interest has always been in education and research, and as soon as I got my BSc(Ed) degree, I went into teaching. Taught in secondary schools (Nigeria and also here in the UK). I taught at Benson Idahosa University and the Edo State Institute of Technology and Management (ESITM), both in Nigeria. During my teaching years in ESITM I published two journal articles and two books in the field of computing. After leaving the University of Leeds, my MA dissertation was also published as a book.

Having integrated education into my field of study since the start of my educational career, I wanted to continue in that fashion with my PhD in Computing, and Sheffield Hallam University offered me that opportunity. We (the supervisory team) are designing an application that uses a multi-agent system to pre-assess prior knowledge in a learner and then take decision on what is needed to be learnt. The research culture at Hallam is challenging and enjoyable. Enjoyable not just because my supervisors have the best expertise in multi-agent systems, but because they are very supportive: for materials, team work in programming, regular supervision, and conference notification and publishing.

My post-doctoral career is hoped to be in academics, in Artificial Intelligence and knowledge representation, the focus of my PhD studies.


Research Degree: Helper Agents for Learning in Structured Ontology Interoperability Framework


EHIMWENMA, Kennedy E., CROWTHER, Paul and BEER, Martin (2016). A system of serial computation for classified rules prediction in non-regular ontology trees. International journal of artificial intelligence and applications, 7 (2), 23-35.

EHIMWENMA, Kennedy E., BEER, Martin and CROWTHER, Paul (2016). Computational estimate visualisation and evaluation of agent classified rules learning system. International journal of emerging technologies in learning, 11 (1), 38-47.

EHIMWENMA, Kennedy, BEER, Martin and CROWTHER, Paul (2015). Adaptive multiagent system for learning gap identification through semantic communication and classified rules learning. In: 7th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Lisbon, Portugal, 23-25 May 2015.

EHIMWENMA, kennedy E., BEER, Martin and CROWTHER, Paul (2015). Student modelling and classification rules learning for educational resource prediction in a multiagent system. In: Proceedings of the Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Conference. IEEE, 59-64.

EHIMWENMA, Kennedy, BEER, Martin and CROWTHER, Paul (2014). Ontology engineering and modelling for learning activity in a multiagent system. In: SIMS '14 Proceedings of the 2014 First International Conference on Systems Informatics, Modelling and Simulation. Washington, DC, IEEE Computer Society, 117-181.

EHIMWENMA, Kennedy, BEER, Martin and CROWTHER, Paul (2014). Pre-assessment and learning recommendation mechanism for a multi-agent system. In: IEEE 14th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, ICALT 2014, Athens, Greece, 7-9 July 2014. 122-123.

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