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Seriously good packaging!

Seriously good packaging!

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Lottie Shaw - Launch of Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits

Lottie Shaw’s have launched their new Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits in a pack designed by our structural packaging design team. The box manages to create real shelf stand out due to its unusual choice of material. The corrugated board box also has the advantage of being 100% recyclable and is suitable for home composting.

Owner Charlotte Shaw is delighted with the new pack and says "The brief was specific. We wanted a sustainable box, one without having to use an unrecyclable polyprop tray to hold the biscuits. We wanted to be able show off the biscuit in the packet and we wanted to incorporate the Lottie Shaw's swing tag used on the Parkin cake, limiting the labour intensive task of tying each label on by hand. I was really pleased that we worked closely with Design Futures to tick all of these boxes. The team were very accommodating, working well with our own graphic designer Andy Hick from Visual Vanilla to produce the final design. The Design Futures team are very good at listening and they just seem to 'get it!'. They worked on the project from design through to point of purchase and they were excellent to work with. Due to the success of this pack we are looking to roll out the design material to other areas of the brand. I would highly recommend them!"

Designer, Peter Macqueen said "We knew Charlotte was looking for a practical solution with a strong environmental emphasis. We think the use of corrugated board has helped to create the ideal solution. The product also works very well alongside the other Lottie Shaw products".

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