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Not for You

Not for You

Not for You

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Are you not fed up at finding yourselves forever locked into language alone? We want to gain access to things themselves, not only to their phenomena. The real is not remote; rather, it is accessible in all the objects mobilized throughout the world.
Bruno Latour; We have never been modern

Not For You was conceived in collaboration with Oliver Zwink, a German artist on a residency in 2010.

The exhibition Not For You opened in Berlin at LoBe in April 2011. We used this space to set out a boundary encircling common and contested ground, to externalise a developing dialogue through a structure of mediating ideas. This two-person show featured an installation, two film works, a large wall based work, a series of sculptures, photographs and drawings.

The core curatorial investigation drew on a series of linking questions; can we entertain the absence of human agency and recognise a world without us, can we consider how other agencies consider us and our structures, can non-relational structures facilitate other agencies and is nature ambivalent?

This project takes these joint and opposing ideas of subjectivity towards spatial thinking, placement and the human relation to objects as a starting point to create a dialogue between existing works and work developed for the show.

This exhibition crystallised our investigation and provided the platform to develop a curatorial framework for a forthcoming group exhibition in Berlin, in 2013.

Please visit the Object Abuse website to find out more.

Researchers involved

TC (Col) McCormack - Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

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