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Tegel: Speculations and Propositions

Tegel: Speculations and Propositions

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An open-ended enquiry

Tegel: Speculations and Propositions is a book and DVD published by The Green Box, Berlin in 2013, edited by Julie Westerman, with Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Susanne Prinz. It is the a culmination of their interest in the way collaboration, interdisciplinary research, and experimentation can produce new spatial knowledge. Over a period of eighteen months, a selected group of international artists and writers focused their attention on Tegel airport; they observed how it is used, they engaged in new activities, and imagined how the building might function in the future.

This book and DVD is the outcome of as an open-ended enquiry and, as such, embodies new perspectives on – and approaches to – urban renewal, regeneration, social organisation, mobility, and the legacy of modernist architecture. This approach to site is central to imagining how art practice can slow down, re-orientate and redefine the successive cycles of master plans and regeneration schemes so that we can begin to consider what is at stake in the spaces we occupy. It includes a number of specially commissioned essays, artists' pages, and an interview with the architect of Tegel airport, Meinhard von Gerkan.

Artists and writers: Peter Adey, Sean Ashton, Michelle Atherton, Diann Bauer, Amanda Beech, Federica Bueti, Maja Ciric, Jamie Crewe, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Bryan Eccleshall, Elke Falat, Stella Flatten, Hondartza Fraga, Rachel Garfield, Margarita Gluzberg, Julian Gough, Robert Gschwantner, Giorgio Cappozzo, Jane Harris, Gill Hobson, Janet Hodgson, Dale Holmes, Kerstin Honeit, Ben Hope, Stephan Hüsch, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Karl Heinz Jeron, Renata Kaminska, Natasja Keller, Sharon Kivland, Jon Klein, Liane Lang, Jeff Luckey, TC McCormack, Ashley Metz, Karina Nimmerfall, Irene Pätzug, Amy Patton, Susanne Prinz, Boris Riedel, Miguel Santos, Gary Simmonds, Robert Partridge, Águeda Simó, Joachim Stein, Ricarda Vidal, Julie Westerman.

Tegel: Speculations and Propositions 96 pages
100 illustrations
165 x 240 mm
Softcover, thread binding, flaps
Design: Anja Lutz // Book Design

Incl. DVD with 27 short films

The Green Box, Berlin 2013
ISBN 978-3-941644-59-5

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Researchers involved

Julie Westerman - Senior Lecturer - Fine Art

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