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This Moment Here

This Moment Here

An exhibition where the artist describes her installations as functioning as three-dimensional freeze frames, moments within a narrative where we can only guess what follows.

A huge black cloud hovers in an empty industrial building, an ominous presence trapped and enclosed within the gallery space, reminiscent of imagery found in cartoons such as ‘Peanuts’ – a harbinger of doom, a sign of depression or sadness hanging over the head of Charlie Brown. A tiny white mouse stands frozen to the spot in front of a roller, the type of machine used to flatten road surfaces. This scene of confrontation evokes the iconic image of the ‘lone rebel’ standing in front of a line of tanks during the Tiananmen Square protests of June 5, 1989, whilst simultaneously echoing scenes of comic destruction in cartoons such as Tom & Jerry.

This is gallows humour, treading a careful line between tragedy and comedy. Taxidermy is often used in Brown’s work, adding an uncanny realism that contrasts with the fantastical qualities of the constructed scenes. The exhibition can be seen to follow in the tradition of Memento Mori, from the Latin meaning ‘Remember you will die’, and it is this theme that has permeated Brown’s work throughout her artistic career. Parallels can also be seen with children’s fiction, in which animals are often employed as metaphors for aspects of human experience in order to distance the audience from the horror of death, violence and destruction. A limited edition artist’s book entitled Some Things That Fell will accompany the exhibition.

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