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Fine Art

  • Dazzle

    A collaborative research project with Matthew Harrison.

  • Nothing is Forever

    Supported by a residency at the South London Gallery (SLG), Simmonds’ work questioned how the focus on the mechanical quality and materiality of procedure of the indexical mark could sit in relation to the domestic space of the SLG’s new extension.

  • Pile

    Simmond’s work exhibited in ‘Pile’, a comprehensive sculpture show that questioned the conventions of group exhibitions, explores the relation between pattern and decoration and formalist abstraction, questioning if painting can establish a visual pulse, and enabling a re-interpretation of a previous painting and a body of new paintings/drawings.

  • Absorbing red photons

    Absorbing red photons is the title of a theoretical paper and the second in a trilogy of three video works. The paper and art work takes as its starting point a tourist trip in a submersible that travels to a depth of 2,000ft below sea level of the coast of Roatan, Honduras. Together they explore what might be revealed through this brief act of submersion in a place of perpetual darkness.

  • Research Degree - Resisting Arrest: Doubting the Art Object through Visual Translation

    My PhD research seeks to investigate the nature of that interest in more detail and has moved towards a more nuanced approach, identifying and defining different types of copying in order to unlock new ways of pursuing my practice and speculating on new ways of understanding the work of others.

  • The Way of the Artist at Work

    The work responds to a photograph of an artist painting in his studio by John Thomson (1837–1921) during his travels to China, found in the Wellcome Collection Archive.

  • Life Class: Rufford Old Hall, Ormskirk

    Yuen Fong Ling’s work re-created the life model set-up for Nicolas Hilliard's Portrait of an Unknown Man Clasping a Hand from a Cloud (1588), believed connected with the young Shakespeare.

  • The Imposter Series

    The Imposter Series is an ongoing project of observational still life drawings taken from objects/artefacts/props used in Yuen Fong Ling’s performance-workshops.

  • The Screasel

    The Screasel is a hybrid piece of equipment designed to support various stages of artistic production in the ‘reconfigured life class’, whether for the life model to undress behind, perform in front, or for artists – to aid production of the drawing or painting, and to display them during exhibition.

  • Arrivals and Departures: New Art Perspectives of Hong Kong

    Arrivals and Departures is an exhibition exploring dual perspectives of Hong Kong – the city and its urban life.

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