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Fine Art

  • The Tactical Life Model

    As a way of introducing the various media and methods employed in my art practice and research, this selection of foundational works are assembled to provide a context for my current art practice and research.

  • Lines of Resistance

    Lines of Resistance is filmed at the Berlin Wall Memorial, a preserved and sealed section of the former wall and death strip which divided East and West Berlin during the Cold War. The film, informed by the narration of tour guides and visitors comments, explores their interaction with and reactions to the memorial.

  • The Organ Grinder

    The Organ Grinder presents a static shot of Patrick playing his barrel organ accompanied by his monkey Simon. As we watch the spectacle we are reminded of early cinema and analogue devices.

  • The Fair

    Filmed from the quiet edges of a city centre car park The Fair documents the rotating arm of fairground ride appearing and then disappearing behind old industrial buildings and the John Lewis department store.

  • Gravity: Buckets and Jewels

    Gravity is a space for debates about the visual as a critical domain within Fine Art practice. This collaborative project by artists Penny McCarthy, Becky Shaw and Andrew Sneddon examines the many ways the art world deals with its ambivalent and yet enduring relations with artefacts.

  • Lifestyle Matters

    More investment has been made into research into interventions to prevent mental illness than into those designed to improve mental well-being. This intervention is designed to improve and sustain mental well-being in older adults.

  • One Lime Street

    One Lime Street presents a series of parallel journeys in the iconic glass lifts of the Lloyds building. People enter and leave one of six lifts and embark on interacting journeys, Each journey, filmed from inside the lift has had the background buildings and horizon digitally locked in position.

  • Platform

    Filmed at Blackfriars Station, Platform synchronises three screens of commuters in the station. A natural tempo occurs as the characters within the footage choreograph themselves creating ebbs and flows and prescribing the timeline.

  • Teenage Wildlife

    Teenage Wildlife is a curatorial project by Esther Johnson, exploring representations of youth on film.

  • Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium

    Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium takes the form of a darkened room with a domed ceiling upon which a computer display is projected, like a planetarium. Audiences are immersed in a world of real-time stock market activity, represented as the night sky, full of stars that glow as trading takes place on particular stocks.

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