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Fine Art

  • 'A'. The Christmas Party

    This work was developed after visiting ‘A’, a woman ill with dementia, every day for ten weeks. During that time Shaw tried to encourage her to make work but to no avail.

  • Post-industrial ruins

    This is a collaborative project that both deepens and develops understanding of the post-industrial landscape with reference to the industrial ruin.

  • Looking for Hyperborea – a search for a mythical North

    This strand of Chloë Brown’s research considers notions of ‘Northerness’, specifically that found in the most Northern parts of Norway above the Arctic Circle and revolves around Hyperborea, a place in Greek mythology behind the north wind, where the sun never sets

  • The Cannonisation of HRH

    This research attempts to find a generative role for live art documentation, using it to extend the meaning of the original performed action

  • The B in Philosophy

    A long-term research engagement exploring the philosophical agency of live art and articulating shared concerns regarding the use of the body by philosophers and live artists.

  • Virtuouso (dismembered Sonata for Hannah Arendt)

    This performance explores the value of construing the human being as a quasi-musical instrument

  • Sylvia Pankhurst - The Suffragette as a Militant Artist

    This research recovers and re-historicises the suffragette as a militant artist in order to infuse and sharpen contemporary interest in the relation between art and politics through the inspiration of suffragette tactics and rigour.

  • Objects + Ritual: Function - value - adornment

    In this project, supported by funding from Arts Council, ACJ, and The Goldsmiths Company Maria Hanson and Chris Knight have investigated the role contemporary artefacts have within both identified rites of social passage and ritual acts found within domestic contexts.

  • Most Blue Skies II

    Most Blue Skies II is an art-based enquiry into changing psychological perceptions of the sky space in the context of climate change. It was commissioned by the Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI), The Alexandra Institute and Tekne Production at University of Aarhus for The Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP 15).

  • Human Animal (This Moment Here)

    This strand of Chloë Brown’s research investigates a particular use of animals as substitutes for human experience, questioning notions of anthropomorphism and through this, narrative fictions. The resulting work makes specific references to animal characters found in children’s narratives, cartoons and films highlighting the use of the animal as a signifier of human emotion and experience.

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