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Fine Art

  • Analogue Kingdom

    Analogue Kingdom is an audio-visual installation by Esther Johnson, commissioned by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3 for Cut and Splice: Transmission.

  • Mon fils

    Addressing the idea of openness and possibility in gender and sexuality.

  • Freud on Holiday

    Freud on Holiday is a series of experimental travel writings in which Kivland meticulously re-constructs Sigmund Freud’s journeys to European sites

  • Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy

    The publication Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy is based on six buildings from the period of Brutalist architecture commissioned for Sheffield in the 1960s. Park Hill Flats, Castle Markets, Moor Street Substation, Holy Cross Church Gleadless Valley, Norton Water Tower and the now demolished Psalter Lane Art School.

  • Fly Birdie Fly

    Fly Birdie Fly is a product of The Arty Sciency Sporty Art (ASSA) initiative, a cross-college project at Sheffield Hallam University, which intends to use Sport as a gateway into Art and a gateway into Science for the general public

  • Encounter

    A hundred encounters with the wilful force of the tornado. Encounter represents images found on You Tube videos taken by ‘storm chasers’ in the USA. These often shaky images are taken in the heat of the moment, in pursuit of, or flight from the full force of the tornadoes.

  • Object Abuse

    OA‘s function is to invite a multidisciplinary engagement: as a forum, a curatorial framework, and an archival space. It has been set up to provide a platform for people to discuss, provoke, and question the very nature and orientation of objects.

  • Not for You

    The exhibition Not For You opened in Berlin at LoBe in April 2011. We used this space to set out a boundary encircling common and contested ground, to externalize a developing dialogue through a structure of mediating ideas.

  • Showtime

    Alison J Carr and Kerstin Honeit were brought together by LoBe, Berlin, taking part in a residency together in June 2011 and a subsequent exhibition, ‘Showtime’ in December 2011

  • LoBe London Berlin Art Kunst

    LoBe is a research-led contemporary art space providing artists with an opportunity to develop their practice within an environment that promotes dialogue, collaboration, exhibition making and interdisciplinary research.

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