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Fine Art

  • Illuminated Carpet

    Illuminated Carpet is a sculpture commissioned for 'Enlightenment. International Festival of Light', Durham, UK, in 2008. The image of a Persian carpet drawn in light, appeared to float above the surface of the river, responding to the rippling current, and to cast its reflected image below. The work drew together strands of the city’s histories, evoking Durham’s past without directly mirroring its historic icons.

  • Dreams of Flying

    A research project into what is considered, or at least marketed as, one of the ‘ultimate thrilling experiences of the C21st’: taking a ride in a fourth-generation military jet fighter.

  • Un vent de révolution

    Un vent de révolution incorporates works in different mediums, including photographs, objects, books, etchings, and drawings, which address the relation between fashion and moments of revolution or social change.

  • Transmission

    Transmission is an annual series of lectures and symposia, publications and events now in its tenth year.

  • A Period Drama

    This paper explores the significance of place and context within the realm of contemporary art practice. Unexpected discoveries made during a two-month residency at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2008 focused on ‘mistaken place-making’, resulting in the proposal of an installation set within the grounds of YSP.

  • It's Quicker By Hearse · The Tale of the Petitioning Housewife, the Protesting Schoolboy and the Campaign Trail Student

    When Madge Elliot complained about the announced closure of her local train station in Hawick, her mother told her to do something about it, and that’s just what she did.

  • When Edouard met Lafcadio to discuss the story of Mini-Nashi-Hoichi

    The Research output builds upon a long-standing interest and fascination with Greek and Roman Classical sculpture from a scholarship at the British School at Rome

  • I don’t know what I’m looking for but I’ll know it when I see it

    This research output is an international conference paper and e-book for the 1st Global conference on Space and Place organised by

  • Tegel: Speculations and Propositions

    This book and DVD is the outcome of as an open-ended enquiry and, as such, embodies new perspectives on – and approaches to – urban renewal, regeneration, social organisation, mobility, and the legacy of modernist architecture.

  • Research Degree - Process made visible: in and outside the object

    ‘Process made Visible: In and Outside the Object’ ‘explores the contemporary visibility of manufacturing processes in industrially produced objects, in particular, glass.

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