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CSRG (Conceptual Structures Research Group)

CSRG (Conceptual Structures Research Group)

17 December 2011

Welcome to the CSRG! We help organisations discover how the creativity of humans can be harmonised with the productivity of computers, through smart applications using Conceptual Graphs, Format Concept Analysis and the Semantic Web

Conceptual Structures (CS) recognise that organisations work with concepts; machines like structures. CS advances the theory and practice in connecting the user's conceptual approach to problem solving with the formal structures that computer applications need to bring their productivity to bear in solving these problems.

Arising originally out of the work of IBM in Conceptual Graphs, and developed by learned researchers and business organisations such as Boeing and Microsoft, over the years CS has broadened its scope to include a wider range of theories and practices. Amongst these are Formal Concept Analysis, Description Logics, the Semantic Web, the Pragmatic Web, Ontologies, Multi-agent Systems, Concept Mapping, and more.

CS represent a family of approaches that builds on the successes of artificial intelligence, business intelligence, computational linguistics, conceptual modelling, information and web technologies, user modelling, and knowledge management.

CS allows enterprises to share meaning with its interconnected computing resources, and realise transactions that would otherwise remain as lost business opportunities. Conceptual structures as smart applications integrate the creativity of individuals and organisations with the productivity of computers for a meaningful digital future.

Researchers involved

Dr Simon Polovina - Reader in Business Computing

Constantinos Orphanides - Researcher

Babak Khazaei - Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering

Laurie Hirsch  - Senior Lecturer in Computing

Dr Simon Andrews - Reader in Computer Science

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