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MARWIN: Decision Making and Augmented Reality Support for Automatic Welding Installations

Research centre
Communication and Computing Research Centre 


A CCRC/GMPR project funded by the European Commission

Welding by robots has experienced a vigorous upsurge in recent years with an estimated 25% of all industrial robots  being used in connection to welding tasks. The challenge is to develop flexible automation systems that can be set up quickly and can be switched over to another product line while maintaining quality and profitability. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) normally do not have the resources to invest in  technology  requiring extensive human training.

For more details please visit the Marwin Project website.

The MARWIN project offers a solution to human-robot interaction by developing a cognitive welding robot where welding tasks and parameters are intuitively selected by the end-user directly from a library of CAD models. Robot trajectories are then automatically calculated from the CAD models and  validated through fast 3D scanning of the welding scene. The role of the user is limited to high level specification of the welding task and to the confirmation and/or changing of welding parameters and sequences as suggested by MARWIN.

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Researchers involved

Professor Marcos Rodrigues - Head of GMPR Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition Group

Mariza Kormann - Invited Research Associate, GMPR Research Group

Rachel Finch - Administrator

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