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Research Degree - Managing online presence in the E-Learning environment

Research Centre
Communication and Computing Research Centre

2007 - ongoing

Research Degree Project

With the advent of computer based learning in higher education academics are faced with new challenges. This study explores and answers if online learning applications are compelling academic staff to maintain a permanent online presence. It examines the perspective of the academic staff by using qualitative interviews of twelve higher education academics from different institutions within UK, each having different subject speciality to find their perspective. The interview results were analysed using thematic analysis.

The research identified effects of E-learning technology having thirty disadvantages and twelve advantages; it found those academics roles were changing, for some the number of working hours increased dramatically. This study presents the academics wish list on how E-learning can be extended to support their role.

Based on the findings a web-based application was developed to extend the current functionality that are used in UK institutions, this added functionality is not currently incorporated in any of the popular E-learning platforms. The application was tested by four academics of Middlesex University and the feedback was that overall experience was positive, easy to use, beneficial, reduce time in getting correct materials and effective.

Project Supervisors

Dr Martin Beer (Director of Study)
Dr Frances Slack (Second Supervisor)

Researchers involved

Nurul Islam - Research Degree Student

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