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Information Technology and Interactions

  • GMPR ADMOS - Advertising Monitoring for Outdoor Media Analytics

    This research project is developing a compact monitoring device that can be installed on public media interfaces.

  • Digital memo wall

    The digital memo wall is a creative device for capturing and evaluating public feedback and engagement at research events. This project builds on a Lab4Living ‘Field Lab’ project at Sheffield Hallam University.

  • Steel Minions

    The Steel Minions Game Studio was created in 2010 in order to provide students on Hallam's game development degrees with "workplace simulation" within a studio environment.

  • Encouraging behaviour change

    In collaboration with ASK4 this service employed social and human factors to enable reduced energy consumption. This tool was less about users making interactive choices within the service and more about promoting behaviour choices based on the knowledge acquired through the service.

  • Research Degree - Advanced methods for efficient image and video compression

    My research work is investigating different types of data transformation and their use to improved compression ratios and image quality.


    With welding by robots on the up the challenge is to develop flexible automation systems that can be set up quickly and can be transferred to another product line while maintaining quality and profitability.

  • Second Lives for the Third Age

    The purpose of the study is to improve the health and wellbeing (the quality of life) of older adults, in particular those suffering from isolating physical disabilities such as poor balance, by allowing them to participate in engaging, bespoke and creative physical activities in a virtual world.

  • iSAC6+

    iSAC6+ aims at promoting and deploying an innovative ICT solution that will enhance the capacity of existing Citizens’ Information and Assessment Services (SAC), through a 24 x 365 web service.

  • Maternal obesity

    This feasibility study aims to identify factors that should be considered in designing a platform for bespoke self management mentoring and support to help women with obesity in pregnancy.

  • Research Degree - Analysing Quizzes using a Census

    The thesis is concerned with evaluating quizzes when they are marked by a computer and explores the problems associated with quizzes when they are used for summative assessment.

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