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Clinical and imaging biomarkers

Understanding the markers of the transition from health to disease ensures prompt and effective diagnostic and treatment strategies for the best health outcomes for patients.

In this research programme we aim to increase the evidence base in contemporary healthcare with a robust underpinning achieved through the testing of currently available clinical and imaging biomarkers but also by innovation and the development of new biomarkers and health technologies. In this research group we are focused on new developments in invasive and non-invasive biomarkers.

Examples of our biomarker developments come from studies in healthy subjects as well as members of the public at high risk of concussion and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Here we are testing non-invasive imaging techniques focused on the brain-eye axis as a diagnostic for safety in sport. Working closely with our colleagues in cognitive neuroscience we are exploring new ways to validate the impact of biomarker diagnostic/prognostic performance for the future.

Additionally we are exploring conventional and novel measures of human brain and body temperature to deliver cutting edge applied research. Our research portfolio addresses contemporary, societal and clinical health problems related to body and environmental temperature and including work in the fields of physiology, clinical practice, imaging science, clinical thermometry and measurement reliability, bio-engineering, public health and safe temperature environments.

The group is active in research across the lifespan; neonatal medicine to older people. Our expertise lies in translational research and technology innovation. Working in academic, clinical and service evaluation settings we have a track record of delivering translational and applied research findings of value to policy and practice.

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