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Health services delivery and Public Health

Health varies between different groups in society with some faring much worse than others (often labelled as 'health inequalities'). Explanations include engaging in health-damaging behaviours or the impact of discrimination or stigmatisation. Our work focuses on finding the causes for this and possible cures. We also look at barriers to accessing health care and ways to overcome them.

Our interdisciplinary research culture produces research which is relevant and transferable to clinical practice while maintaining academic rigor. We provide a multi-method research approach which incorporates both quantitative and qualitative data analysis.  Our offer is characterised by unique experience and expertise and includes:

Healthcare workforce activity
- evaluation of healthcare delivery
- development and evaluation of new healthcare workforce roles
- upskilling the healthcare workforce

Public health and health inequalities
- engaging with hard to reach groups in society
- working with 'big data' in health and social care

Our team members have diverse professional and academic backgrounds with close ties to many external partners, locally and nationally. We work collaboratively in some key areas of inequality, including age, gender, class, ethnicity and disability. We have a portfolio of successful research, funded by prestigious national bodies, such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Public Health England, as well as applied studies funded by local partners.

Contact: Professor Shona Kelly

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