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  8. 2 INSPIRE: Increasing Intrapreneurial Skills through Pedagogy, increases Innovation, Retention and Employability

2 INSPIRE: Increasing Intrapreneurial Skills through Pedagogy, increases Innovation, Retention and Employability

Principal investigator Dr Heidi Probst
Funded by Higher Education Academy
Amount £6,130

Radiation Therapists represent a critical workforce element in the cancer care pathway. Providing safe radiotherapy to patients with a range of cancer diagnoses requires specialist knowledge and training currently provided through under-graduate degree training. To enhance these Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) capabilities within the workplace, various masters programmes exist. In 2007, the UK National Radiotherapy Advisory Group (NRAG) identified that in order to meet the government objective set out in the NHS Cancer plan of providing services among the best in Europe, a dramatic revision of workforce provision needed to be considered. The NRAG recommended increased use of the advanced and consultant grades. 


This study will focus on oncology practitioners studying masters modules to augment career progression to Advanced or Consultant grades. The study outcomes have relevance to the wider education of HCPs, including nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and imaging practitioners. The new Department of Health QIPP (Quality Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) agenda requires practitioners to consider efficient and productive ways of providing safe care for patients. This agenda needs innovative, intrapreneurial practitioners across a range of professions in order to drive change. 

The aim of the study is to evaluate the impact of an online teaching pedagogy on the enhancement of intrapreneurial skills in health professionals who have aspirations for employment at an advanced or consultant grade. Specifically, to identify if an intrapreneurial enhanced pedagogy increases postgraduate practitioners' innovative behaviour (including confidence in their intrapreneurial skills) within the workplace.

Download the project report 

2INSPIRE: Report

Project team

Dr Heidi Probst


Higher Education Academy

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