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Promoting midwifery-led care and choice about place of birth

Cochrane Systematic Review

Midwife-led versus other models of care for childbearing women (1), of which Hora Soltani is a co-author, has been well received internationally. It concludes that most women should be offered midwife-led models of care, although caution should be exercised in applying this advice to women with substantial medical or obstetric complications.

This project explores the experiences and decision making by women about their place of birth and models of care, within Sheffield.

Project consists of

  • new webpages extending on from the existing Jessop Wing website highlighting the evidence and features of models of care during pregnancy and birth including home birth, water birth, midwifery led care units and consultant led care
  • a survey of women's experiences and where they sought and received information when deciding where to give birth. Survey was advertised in the hospital waiting rooms, and stickers in their notes
  • a professional's survey exploring their knowledge of the evidence for each type of care, the options available in Sheffield, and how they explain the options to women. Survey was emailed to all midwives and obstetricians
  • case studies from women who have experienced each model of care and how they made their decision

(1) Sandall J, Soltani H, Gates S, Shennan A, Devane D. Midwife-led continuity models versus other models of care for childbearing women. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Issue 8. Art. No.: CD004667. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD004667.pub3.



Soltani H, Duxbury AMS, Fair F. Presentation of research findings and methodology on 5th February 2014 to the Maternal and Infant Health Research Group-MIHRG

Soltani H, Duxbury AMS, Fair F. Presentation at ICM 30th triennial conference, Prague June 2014 Midwifery led care evidence implementation: a service development showcase

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