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Using mobile technology in tackling maternal obesity

Lead Investigator Hora Soltani
Funded by Engineering for Life and NIHR - Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research (CLAHRC-SY) and Bupa
Amount £80,000
Dates November 2011 - March 2015


This project explored the practicality of developing an e-health platform, delivered through a portable device to optimise access and promote effectiveness of a maternal obesity management service by overcoming challenges associated with the stigma and other face-to-face barriers. The project comprised of several components including focus groups, planning workshops and a cyclic evaluation. It involved maternity users, clinicians, health professionals and computer scientists.


The project was funded by prestigious multi-disciplinary funding bodies and engages professionals from a diverse background alongside clinicians, providing an opportunity for multiple publication and further research development. The project promoted and strengthened the centre's existing relationships with the Clinical Trust and facilitates interdisciplinary research activities in Sheffield Hallam University.


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Soltani HFurness P, McSeveny K, Arden M, Garland C, Dearden A. (2012) Women's and health professionals' perspectives on the use of mobile technology in support of maternal obesity service provision". Journal of Obesity. doi:10.1155/2012/835464.

Dearden A, Arden M, Fisher M, Furness P, Garland C, McSevenny K, Sustar H, Soltani H. (2012) Midwives, Obesity and Mobile Technology (MOMTech): a User Centred Healthcare Design. Fourth International Conference on Human Computer Interaction. India April 2012-full paper.

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