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Research outputs

Our staff are active researchers in their field. For their publications, please see individual staff profiles


We host several well-regarded e-journals with international scope reflecting a number of our research interests, including renaissance, 18th century and modern literature, linguistics and creative writing.

Our staff also edit or co-edit a number of hard-copy journals, including

Reading groups

Our staff organise reading groups including

  • Linguistic politeness research group (LPRG)
    The LPRG is made up of a research and reading group of mainly UK members who meet once or twice a semester in the Midlands and north of England, and a larger international mailing list where conferences, new publications and so on are posted and discussed. We organise conferences both in the UK and abroad and publish books and articles on politeness, the latest being Discursive Approaches to Politeness, Mouton, 2012.
  • Gender and language reading group (GLRG)
    We're a group of researchers in language and gender drawn from a range of UK universities. The group meets once or twice a semester.
  • Discourses of marriage research group
    This is an offshoot of the GLRG working on an analysis of homophobia, particularly around the issue of gay marriage. We have an archive of material, mainly newspaper articles and radio discussion programmes, on the topic. Visit our blog and Twitter feed.
  • Cross cultural politeness / Arabic English reading group
    This is a group of staff and postgraduate students reading and discussing issues in relation to politeness across cultures, mainly focused on Arabic and Kurdish.
  • Linguistics research group
    This is a forum for staff and PhD students to discuss their research. We meet once a semester.
  • Linguistics research seminar
    There is a good programme of visiting lecturers from UK universities who give research seminars to staff and postgraduate students.

Readerships and Literary Cultures 1900–1950 Special Collection

We have established a collection of novels which reflects the wide range of literary tastes during the period 1900–1950. The collection consists of some 750 novels, most in early editions, by 229 different authors.

These were the best-sellers of their day and the lending library favourites, and they have the potential to reveal an enormous amount about readerships, attitudes to reading, and cultural life. They are rarely preserved systematically elsewhere. University libraries have never collected this type of fiction, while public libraries disposed of such books once they fell out of fashion.

The collection catalogue contains a wealth of data on the novels and can be searched by genre, subject and donor.

Working with members of our reading groups, we are now building enhanced catalogue records which hold even more data, including plot summaries and details of literary and cultural references within the novels. This enables more sophisticated and revealing searches of this unique research resource.

The collection is part of the Middlebrow Network.

Read the collection blog.

The project also produces a paper newsletter.

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