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Applied Computing Case Studies

  • iJudo

    The aim of this project was to design a high definition (HD) video capture and review system for sportscotland institute of sport

  • iDive

    Developing a bespoke video capture system for British Diving to facilitate real-time feedback.

  • Spin Track3D

    Producing software that calculates the spin magnitude and axis of a sports ball using high speed video footage for use in house and for sale to major sports equipment manufacturers.

  • TennisGUT

    TennisGUT is a unique piece of software which allows the user to assess the performance of any item of tennis equipment.

  • Swimtrack

    Develop a bespoke video analysis system for quantifying the performance of Starts and Turns in swimming.

  • diveWell

    The aim of this project was to develop a tool which enabled GB Diving to monitor the wellness of elite athletes on their funded development and podium programmes

  • iCurl

    A bespoke tool for curling match analysis to replace the previous generic ‘pay by the hour’ services used by the SIS.

  • iBoxer v2

    The aim of iBoxer v2 was to build on the success of v1, and develop a software tool which provided the boxers, athletes and practitioners all their performance statistics

  • iBoxer

    iBoxer (Capture) is a video capture system located in the GB Boxing Hall at EIS Sheffield

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